Our Story how it all began

The setting is a big Firm with plenty of staff.
Statisticians and programmers.
Good friends.
Almost a family.
But sometimes arguing with each other.
Using different IT tools.
With the different IT methods.
Lots of misunderstanding.
Lots of good energy was lost.
Something has to be done.
How to unite family again…?
But then, the stranger came in town.
With a simple nick name…
The above story is a fairly accurate description of us working in the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia before we started using IST.
Let's go! »

Core of Our Business what we are doing

We created solution for processing statistical data. It embraces all the stages of statistical production.

What is IST actually

IST is a platform intended for use by all the actors in statistical production.

Learn more about your data

IST is very convenient for data analysis.

Choose data collection tool

IST offers a range of data collection modes - CATI, CAPI and CAWI - and lets you select what is best for you.

Store everything

IST can replace separate data warehouses.

Impress everyone

IST has built-in modules for advanced data reporting.

Anything else?

IST has very important role in standardized use of statistical units.

ISTwhat IST actually does

As demands towards NSIs are growing, searching for new solutions intensifies. All these efforts are aimed at reduction of the complexity that surrounds statistical production. Working for years in this manner, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has developed System of integrated data processing – IST.

What does IST do?

  • Makes data processing simple
  • Increases the valueof data through unified system
  • Reduces data complexity

How does IST do it?

  • Data entry, processing and reporting at one place
  • Unique interface regardless of statistical domain or questionnaire type
  • Easy applications and data sharing
  • Using software that we already have
  • Without bying additional software

What can IST do for your institution?

  • Integrate your data
  • Transform your system to be GSBPM compliant
  • Activate metadata for everyday production
  • Empower your staff skills and flexibility
  • Reduce costs


Joint further development of IST at the international level